Sabtu, 13 Desember 2014

World's most expensive whiskey, $ 1.7 billion per Bottle

For the connoisseur of whiskey, sipped a glass of whiskey in the world's most expensive can be a rare experience that is not experienced by everyone.

Manufacturers famous whiskey, whiskey launched luxurious Royal Salute 'Tribute to Honour'. Luxury whiskey is made only as many as 21 bottles. One bottle costs $ 200 thousand equivalent to Rp1, 7 billion.

Whiskey inspired this latest offering from the name of the 'Honours of Scotland', a crown jewel of the kingdom of Scotland, the oldest royal crown in the British Isles.

Mixing is done whiskey whiskey expert, Colin Scott. He uses a mix of whiskey most rare and precious in the worldwide. All of a mixture of whiskey aged a minimum of 45 years.

The bottle was designed by Stephan Webster, Creative Director at Garrard Jewellers. The bottle looks so luxurious with a sprinkling of 413 22-carat diamond.

Not only that, the bottle is also adorned with three symbols of the Scottish royal scepter, sword and crown.

Bottle of whiskey is made ​​especially plush. French porcelain bottle makers must create a 400 jet black bottle and 21 bottles to choose the best to become the most expensive whiskey containers in the world today.