Sabtu, 10 Januari 2015

Appendicitis Disease, Causes and Treatment

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Appendicitis is a sac that is connected to the intestinal absorption and the rise of the large intestine colon, The appendix is ​​one of the organs of the digestive tract. However, the term is often confused with appendicitis. Sometimes to refer to appendicitis just shortened the term of the appendix. Appendix (Appendix) is a tubular organ, with a length of about 10 cm (adults), half the width of your little finger, so it is a very narrow space. Narrow hole at the base and broad at the tip. However, the baby of the appendix (appendix) conical, wide at the base and narrowing towards the tip. Appendix (Appendix) originate in the cecum (the border between the small intestine and colon). Function of the appendix associated with immune sisitem, which produce immunoglobulin A (IgA). IgA is one of the immunoglobulin (antibodies) are highly effective in protecting the body from infectious germs. Appendix (Appendix) can become inflamed called appendiksitis (appendicitis). Appendiksitis can be suffered by men or women. Appendicitis occurs when the appendix, the other name of the appendix was inflamed and make it fragile, it includes a serious medical emergency. Surgery performed to cure intestinal inflammation that swells, this operation requires care in advance about 3 months which will certainly be very costly. In the event of appendicitis symptoms within three days in a row, people please immediately contact your doctor or come to the hospital to get medical care that can be directly operated, but if symptoms of appendicitis more than a week left, it is a serious medical treatment is needed to relieve inflammation of the appendix that occurred before the patient had surgery healing.

Some of the factors causing appendiksitis (appendicitis) is:

Bacterial infections: Bacteria can infect any part of the appendix (Appendix) that cause inflammation in the area.

Blockage of appendicitis (appendix): The growth of lymphoid tissue, feces, and appendix tumors askaris worm can cause blockage of appendicitis (appendix). Space in the appendix are very narrow, so that waste materials or foreign objects on top of that trapped in the appendix and cause blockage causes severe inflammation and can lead to infection.

Barriers to the flow of mucus into the cecum: Appendix (Appendix) to produce mucus 1-2 ml per day, mucus is normally poured into the holes then flow to the appendix and cecum. Hamper the flow of mucus from the appendix will constitute obstruction of the appendix that causes inflammation of the appendix and an infection of the appendix.

Appendicitis who are infected will experience perforation (rupture), with the release of bacteria into the abdominal cavity. This then can lead to peritonitis, a fatal complication, in which the peritoneum, the membrane that limits the abdominal cavity and closes the stomach and small intestine becomes inflamed. Assumptions developed in the community, appendiksitis (appendicitis) should be resolved by way of operating. Operation is not the only way to overcome appendiksitis (appendicitis). Need to consider how to resolve appendiksitis appendiksitis conditions. For mild cases appendiksitis, deal can be done with the antibiotics, because the main cause of appendicitis is a bacterial infection. Appendiksitis cases are more serious and feared appendix will rupture, then the way surgery can be used as a primary consideration. Appendectomy is surgery to remove an inflamed appendix. Appendix (appendicitis) are removed will not affect health in a very long period of time. Indeed, a very serious case appendiksitis and not immediately removed can cause a substantial problem.