Kamis, 08 Januari 2015

Causes of Diabetes Mellitus

Many diseases can be inherited through the genes in the family. One of them is a disease Diabetes mellitus or diabetes. Knowing the family history is also necessary to avoid the disease is to maintain your diet and lifestyle. Causes of Diabetes can be minimized by implementing a healthy lifestyle.


We already know that diabetes is one of the serious diseases that can trigger other serious diseases, including stroke and coronary heart damage. Therefore, in order to avoid diabetes, it helps us to know and mewaspai cause of diabetes mellitus.

Causes of Diabetes Mellitus

The following factors may be the cause of diabetes:

Obesity usually occurs at the age of 40 years can lead to diabetes mellitus
Darahtinggi pressure can also cause diabetes mellitus
Figures Triglycerid (a type of fat molecule) High
High cholesterol levels
Modern lifestyles are likely to consume the instant food
Smoking and Stress
Consume too many carbohydrates can lead to diabetes mellitus
Damage to the pancreas cells

How To Prevent Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus can be avoided or reduced by knowing blood glucose levels in our bodies, do regular inspections due to the increase and decrease blood sugar levels are constantly changing. If we are able to keep blood sugar within normal limits means that we can prevent the complications of diabetes mellitus. Another way that you can use to reduce the complications of diabetes mellitus are: stop smoking, optimizing cholesterol levels, maintain a stable body weight, controlling high blood pressure (tension), and exercise regularly so that diabetes can be prevented.