Selasa, 13 Januari 2015

Four Signs Unhealthy Relationship


There are limits in a relationship that should not be violated. Sometimes, women allow men to test those limits so that the bias.

Many women are unaware of being abused in a relationship she lived. Violence can be physical or psychological

Sign of an unhealthy relationship may not be obvious to those who run it. Try to look again at the current relationship, and consider the following four signs are quoted from pages Shine. If you experience it, you may experience violence in relationships.

1. Forcing sex
Many women who do not believe can be raped by the husband alone, but this was often the case. If a couple forced to have sex while you feel uncomfortable, do not want to do, and you refuse, then he has violated your defense.

Some men think that because you are a partner then they have you completely and can do anything. Obviously this is not true because you have the right to refuse. You must make it clear boundary line.

If couples can not accept the word 'no' from you and continue to force sexual intercourse, then he does not respect you. This certainly could develop into a dangerous situation and you have to be careful. It is not possible your partner will have the heart to use violence.

2. Rant
Arguing with words that do not deserve a high tone and certainly not acceptable to everyone. There will be arguments in every relationship, but it will not happen every day. Maybe you think the words will not be painful, but in reality it affects the length.

Women have a smooth feeling. If you hear harsh words from your husband at all, probably will not bother you consciously. However, in your subconscious will find it useless, the defense will be vulnerable. Maybe your partner is sexually harassed at a later date.

3. Physical violence
Fights are inevitable in a relationship. However, if your partner starts doing physical violence, you should think over and over again to continue the relationship.

4. Stalking
Many women do not take this seriously. But imagine if this becomes excessive stalking habits. If you must go with him, he should always be near you, call
once every hour, or constantly checking your time with friends.

Your freedom is gone. You feel restricted. If you rebel, he will be furious. Course this could be worse.