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kidney disease, What is a Kidney?

Not many people know or even understand the type of kidney disease that often plagued his body. During this time they often associate the disease to kidney failure. Though there are some types of kidney disease that requires treatment is also different from one type of kidney disease with other types of kidney disease. So that the overall understanding of kidney diseases and ways to minimize the risk of handling the worst due to kidney disease.

What is a Kidney?

Renal excretion is the organ in vertebrates which shaped like a peanut. As part of the urinary system, kidney function to filter impurities (especially urea) from the blood and throw it together with water in the form of urine. The branch of medicine that studies the kidneys and kidney disease is called nephrology.

Various Types of Kidney Disease

Broadly speaking, the kinds of illnesses that are acute renal kidney, chronic renal and kidney failure. The following is an explanation.

A. Acute Kidney Disease

Range of the first kind of kidney disease is because there are three symptoms. The first symptoms of kidney disease are referred to the renal pre vomiting and bleeding. Then the second leading cause of kidney disease called renal namely a swollen face, and then there pembengkaan on the feet, increasing blood pressure and pain in the waist and the color of urine (urine) are reddish.

Then, gejal kidney disease is the last named is the occurrence of post renal obstruction in the channel for urination include bladder stones, blood clots, tumors, and so forth. Then other symptoms or signs are pain in the waist, red urine or can not urinate within a period of time.

2. Chronic Kidney Disease

Causes of kidney disease is the number two because it had already suffered a number of other diseases, such as diebetes mellitus, hypertension or high blood pressure, kidney stones and are taking medicines that contain toxic or adverse effects on renal function.

Symptoms that often arise when it is chronic kidney disease is the face looks very puffy (lethargic and not shiny), blood pressure rising and not easily remove the urine.

3. Renal Disease

Various kinds of kidney disease because the latter is emerging from the treatment of acute kidney disease and chronic kidney that was not optimal or delayed. Symptoms of course is a combination of symptoms of acute and chronic kidney disease.

Kidney disease is a way of healing can be in two ways: the first is a conservative method. Patients with kidney disease are required to regulate his diet or a diet with a strict and disciplined. This is done in accordance with the conditions of the patient's body.

It also must perform regular control of the kidneys and other organs that are interconnected and should not be too late. Then the second way is the renal replacement therapy. This is done when when conservative methods do not succeed or fail. So the only way is to do this method, which is a kidney transplant from another person who would donate their own kidneys.

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